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The library is a resource for life and living with particular emphasis on the work of psychotherapy and counselling.
You will find articles, poems, thoughts and links that may help you get some insight, relief, open out some useful questions and thinking.
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Integrative Psychotherapy A Model - Ger Murphy
Poetry of Diagnosis - Ger Murphy
Short Term Psychotherapy - Ger Murphy
Couple Love article Inside Out 2013 - Ger Murphy
Male Sexual Dissappointment - Ger Murphy
The Kiss Of My Father Shock Is Opening The Road Home - Ger Murphy
The Problem of Suicide or Self-Killing - Ger Murphy
What Now - Ger Murphy
Decade in Madness - Ger Murphy
Annunciation - Marie Howe
Having Loved Enough and Lost Enough - Mark Nepoe
King of the River - Stanley Kunitz
Late Fragment - Raymond Carver
Pegasus - Patrick Kavanagh
Love after Love - Derek Walcott
In This Passing Moment - Hogen Bays
Retreat Report Inside Out 2014
The Journey - Mary Oliver
The Peace Of Wild Things
The Still Time - Galway Kinnell
*** NEW ***Eco Anxiety - Ger Murphy
The Well of Grief - David Whyte
Where psychotherapy meets psychiatry Sept 2017 - Mary Peyton