Institute of Creative Counselling and Psychotherapy

Directors & Therapists

Ger Murphy Director

Ger received his initial training in psychotherapy at the Minster Centre, London, England in the early 1980’s where he was trained in Integrative psychotherapy, specialising in an integration of psychodynamic, gestalt and body orientated approaches to practice. This training built on his previous career in social work and the mental health field. Subsequently he received his masters degree in U.C.D. in psychotherapy. He holds the European Certificate in psychotherapy and is an accredited psychotherapist and counsellor.
He has worked in the field of psychotherapy for almost 25 years. He is a founder member of both the Irish Council for Psychotherapy and the Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapy, as well as the journal Inside Out. He has also served on the editorial board of several international psychotherapy journals and has published numerous articles.
His particular interest in the field is in integrating perspectives on the mind and body, and he teaches specifically on body psychotherapy as well as studying yoga and other traditions to explore their links to psychotherapy. He also works extensively in the corporate area where he applies psychotherapeutic insights to coaching and organisational life. He works as a trainer, supervisor, consultant to training programmes and organisations, and business coach as well as maintaining a small psychotherapy practice.

Margaret Clarke Associate Director

Margeret Clarke
Margaret has been working therapeutically for thirty years. She began her professional life as a Psychologist in 1980 and has worked extensively with both adults and children in both the Irish and English health services for over eleven years.
Re-training in the mid-nineties in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy with the Irish Institute of Integrated Psychotherapy (I.I.I.P.) she runs a psychotherapy practice with both individuals and groups.
For the past fourteen years Margaret has also been involved as a trainer of psychotherapists and counsellors.
She offers supervision and consultation regarding psychotherapy practice to psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors.
She has also trained extensively in areas of couple relating and sexuality and has considerable experience and expertise in women’s issues and relating.
Margaret completed her most recent training in group analysis with the London Institute of Group Analysis in 2007 and shows an ongoing commitment to her professional development.
She is an accredited member of I.A.H.I.P. and holds the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (E.C.P.)
She is also a Registered Psychologist with P.S.I. (reg Ps.S.I.) and a Graduate member of the Institute of Group Analysis (I.I.G.A.) and the Irish Group Analytic Society (I.G.A.S.).

We have a network of fully trained and accreditated psychotheapists and counsellors with many years experience offering therapeutic consultation and supervision.