Institute of Creative Counselling and Psychotherapy

In a confidential and accepting environment the Institute offers several choices of therapy.
Counselling offers a confidential opportunity for people to explore thoughts and feelings about issues in their lives that trouble them. At its core is the relationship in which the counsellor and client are committed to finding creative responses to the client's present difficulties and needs in an accepting environment.They are helped to improve communication skills, express feelings, consider new strategies and move through times of transition such as bereavement, changes in family relationships, separation, difficulties at work.
Psychotherapy allows people to explore their past, including their childhood relationships, in order to gain insight into unproductive patterns of behaviour which may prevent them from leading satisfying lives. Issues such as depression, anxiety, abuse and phobias can be explored in this context.
The Institute is in a position to make referrals throughout Ireland to counsellors and psychotherapists who are graduates of its training courses.